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Bikekinetix® is the brainchild of Barbara and Peter Lynn, both avid mountain bikers. It was conceived in 1996 during a mountain bike ride. At the time, there wasn't much information about mountain bike trails and the best places to go mountain biking. National, State and County Parks had a wealth of information about hiking equestrian and cross country skiing trails, but no information about bicycling or mountain biking.

Barbara and Peter began to explore the trails in the Northeast United States and document their mountain bike rides by writing trail descriptions, trail stats, creating trail maps, taking photographs and noting other nearby places to mountain bike. They were the first to organize the trails by activity, feature and category. They collaborated on the unique website design and graphics, information architecture and authoring of the website content. When was launched in 1998, it was a first ever comprehensive online guide focused on mountain biking and mountain bike trails in the northeast USA from Maryland to Maine.

Note: Our articles take an incredible amount of time and energy to put together. From research to riding the trails and illustrating the bike maps to taking quality photos and getting the ride down in our words. If you like our articles and would like to see more quality content, please just link to us or hire us to write an article for your website. We've logged many miles on the trails and backroads. If you need a tourism website designed and produced -- we can provide that too.


Barbara Lynn
Co-founder / design and website development / author

Whether it’s a steady uphill climb toward the summit on a mountain bike, or building award-winning web sites, Barbara  Lynn, President of New York City-based Lynn Creative Inc, loves a challenge.

She has an extensive communications design background and is a professional website designer and developer. She gets the credit for most of the writing, the information architecture, development and programming of



Peter Lynn
Co-founder / artist / illustrator / author

Peter enjoys a challenge in everything he does, from running the New York Marathon at the age of 50, to mountain biking the high peaks of the Adirondacks.

His visual graphic skills complement the technical expertise of his partner, Barbara Lynn. Peter gets the credit for the site’s illustrations and over 200 trail maps. His paintings are represented in collections throughout the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean.


Bikekinetix® features mountain bike trails and bicycling resources in the Northeast and New England that provide a scenic, wilderness, historic or romantic experience for both the seasoned rider and novice. We are not about screaming downhills or tough, technical singletrack, although a few such sections may turn up on some of the bike rides we list.

Whether you're searching for a Family-Friendly Bike Trail, the Best Places for Mountain Biking in the Spring, Fall Foliage Cycling Adventurse, an Historic Bike Ride on Rail Trails that pass through quaint villages or a Bike the Covered Bridges or Bike to the Beach excursion, you'll find it featured here. We include route descriptions, trail maps, directions on how to get there as well as notes on terrain, elevation and difficulty level. You'll find tips and resources on everything from bike maintenance and safety to where to find mountain biking clubs and organizations throughout the eleven states in the Northeast U.S.

We are deeply committed to promoting responsible, low-impact enjoyment of the outdoors, conservation and public participation in trail maintenance and trail access issues. A popular perception is that mountain biking is just for the young and daring. Magazines, websites and riders “with attitude” are certainly out there. However, there is a growing subculture of “50- somethings” and others for whom mountain biking is a celebration of nature and history.

We appreciate a quiet ride on a trail through a forest along a cold mountain stream; a ride along cliffs at the edge of the sea; traveling through clouds of pink and white Rhododendron flowers in the spring, a trip back in history along an abandoned railbed or canal towpath or a challenging cross-country workout in a spectacular wilderness setting. If we are lucky, we may have close encounters with wildlife. There is nothing more satisfying to us than to see a moose appear out of the early morning mist or stopping to watch birds of prey soar on thermal updrafts.

These experiences and encounters make mountain biking special for each of us. is all about helping to find the mountain bike destinations that will make it special for you.