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Special Features: Best Bike Trails with Waterfalls in the Northeast


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I've lost control
I paddle, but you're too strong
But I gotta trust your flow
'Cause boy, I'm in your waterfall

- Stargate

Spring is the perfect time to go mountain biking and get inspired by the power of nature. Who doesn't appreciate a mountain bike ride that features frothing whitewater, raging waterfalls and the chance to watch the bright Spring sunlight paint rainbows of color in the mist?

Each waterfall has its own special character. Some are most spectacular during the Spring when the water released from melting snow rushes down mountain streams to produce unrestrained torrents of cascading water. In the summer, some waterfalls are reduced to a mere trickle or are completely dry by August. Other waterfalls just flow all year.

Dry season or not, all waterfalls are simply just pretty to look at. We have enjoyed mountain biking along gorge rim trails that offer stunning views of falls plummeting down sheer cliff faces and cycling deep forest trails along streams that tumble playfully over boulders. Basking on exposed rock ledges or sliding down a natural waterslide into a basin carved and sanded smooth over the ages by falling and swirling water is the perfect ending to any mountain bike trip.

While most of the trails we list feature trailside waterfalls accessible by bicycle, we also list a few bike rides where the falls are located just a short hike away or close enough for a side trip before or after your ride. Whether cycling with family or friends, we're sure you will enjoy our guide to some of the best mountain bike trails, rail trails and bike paths in New England, New York, New Jersey and the Mid Atlantic States where waterfalls are a highlight on and off the trail.

Dingmans Falls

Bike Northeast Waterfall Trails


Note: Extreme caution should be used when approaching any waterfall. Trails and paths can be slippery. Drop-offs can be steep and dangerous. During the Spring run-off or after heavy rains the water levels rise and the current is powerful. During mud season, some trails may be closed or too wet to ride. Check ahead for trail conditions. Protect our trails and avoid riding till the trails dry out.