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Summer Mountain Biking Trails and Cycling Paths

Bike to the beaches on some of the best mountain biking trails and cycling paths this summer and cool off in some of the best swimming spots in the Northeast U.S.

Whether you're gearing up for a leisurely self-guided bike tour along the seashore, want some cool relief from the blazing summer heat after that epic singletrack adventure, looking for a romantic cycling weekend getaway or a bike to the beach excursion that the whole family can enjoy, . . . check out our list of top summer bike rides and cycling destinations to experience the best this season has to offer.

We feature great mountain bike trails and cycling paths where you can relax and cool off with a swim after biking while others offer an opportunity to get wet during your ride. On and off-road bike trails, quiet dirt backroads, rail trails and scenic bike routes take cyclists along dramatic seaside cliffs, along rushing streams on quiet forest roads and through lush green valleys rimmed by mountain peaks. Mountain bike along mighty rivers or to sandy ocean beaches, glacial lakes, secluded ponds, a waterfall, local swimming holes, lighthouses and a covered bridge or two.

Some of our suggested bike ride destinations are places where you can combine a day of mountain biking along gorge rim trails with a whitewater raft trip or a serene float down a scenic river.

Don't forget the sun block, plenty of drinking water, a bag to put the wet stuff in, and have a means of carrying the extra gear (pannier bag, backpack or bungie to a rear rack).

So check out these Hot Summer Cycling Tips and Keep Your Cool On The Trails this summer!


Bike Trails and Beaches Best Summer Biking in the Northeast

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