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Special Features: Best Spring Bike Rides in the Northeast

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Spring Mountain Biking Trails

Spring is a glorious time of renewal. The rising temperatures in early spring cause the sap to start running in the trees and the inevitable onset of Spring Fever in humans. For many of us, the only cure is to get out and bike along the backroads and trails. Spring is the time to get our muscles back in gear and celebrate the re-awakening of the earth. The following bike rides will give you the opportunity to experience the best this season has to offer while getting back into peak riding form.

Early spring is known as “mud season”, especially in the mountainous regions of the northeast. Many trails in these areas are even closed to mountain bikes at this time. No matter where you live and ride, practice responsible riding and avoid creating lasting trail damage by staying off wet and muddy trails. Many of the trails we recommend for the best mountain biking in the early Spring are rides on rail trails, canal trails, carriageways, well-drained forest roads or paved bike paths and greenways. These tend to be graded and well-maintained surfaces.


mountain laurel



Wait until the ground has completely thawed and the trails have dried and hardened or choose trails that are still frozen solid. Check ahead for trail status and weather. The trees are turning green again, wildflowers abound,  mountain laurels and rhododendron come into bloom, birds are beginning their Spring migration and the animals are venturing out with their young. So tune-up your bikes, and hit the trails to experience the season’s renewal up close and personal.