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Bikes, Scenic Train Rides and Canal Boat Excusrsions

Turn a day or weekend trip into a bike and scenic train ride or bike and canal boat trip. The featured mountain bike rides in this article are located near places where you can round out your bike ride with a scenic wine & cheese rail excursion through the mountains, a canal boat ride pulled by mules, a visit to a living history museum complete with costumed guides, or even get to learn how a steam engine works. Whether you are a railroad buff, just looking for an active and educational excursion with the family, want to experience a scenic tourist rail excursion through a spectacular gorge, looking to relive the heyday of rail travel aboard an authentic steam train or experience a canal boat cruise on the waterways of yore there is a ride for you.

Rail trails and converted canal paths provide flat easy cycling for beginners, families and just about anyone out for a relaxing ride through scenic, countryside. Because these trails follow historic rail and canal routes, signs of our industrial heritage can be seen in the historic 18th and 19th century canal locks, mill villages, rail trestles and tunnels that still remain along the trails.


Part 1: Scenic Train & Canal Boat Rides in Mid-Atlantic States and New York