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Lums Pond State Park

Newcastle Region, Delaware

Family Friendly, Wildlife

Directions & Trail Description

Location: Newark, DE

Length/Configuration: 10 mile loop.

Terrain/Surface: Wide, grassy fire road with a few obstructions (rocks, roots).

Technical Difficulty: Easy. Good for families and beginner mountain bikers.

Elevation change: Negligible.

Trail Use: mountain biking, hiking, horse back riding, snowmobiling.

Caution: Trail may be muddy and wet in early spring, early summer or after rain. Hunting allowed in the fall and winter.




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Lums Pond State Park Trail Map

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Take Route 896 South from Newark. Turn left on Howell School Rd. Entrance to the Park is on the right. Park at the Park office or at the Nature Center.


General Description:

Lums Pond State Park, located in Newscatle County near Glasgow, Delaware is a wonderful place for a recreational family outing or to take a beginner mountain biking. There are over 10 miles of multi-use trails for mountain bikers, hikers, equestrians, snowmobiles (winter). Located on the north side of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Lums Pond State Park is built around the largest freshwater pond in Delaware. Naturally, a lot of activity is centered on or around the pond. Biking, boating, fishing and sunbathing are a big attraction during the summer. No swimming is allowed, but wading knee deep is permitted in designated areas.

Park facilities include boat launch ramp, sailboat, canoe, paddleboat, kayak and rowboat rentals. There are picnics areas, playgrounds, a sports area where you'll find ball fields, courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis. There is even an 18-hole disc golf course. Equipment rentals are available during the summer. If you are planning a weekend trip, the park campground offers modern showers, a dumping station, picnic tables and grills.

With all this activity, it can get crowded and you'd think the local wildlife would know better and stay away. Watch for glimpses of Great Blue Herons, beavers, ground hogs, snapping turtles and fish. To learn more about nature and wildlife, The Whale Wallow Nature Center at Lums Pond offers educational activities and exhibits, including crafts, “live” nature shows and exciting guided tours with park naturalists.


Trail Descriptions:

There are four trails in Lums Pond State Park. Over 15 miles of multi-use trails are available for mountain biking.

Swamp Forest Trail (6.9 miles) Easy

The 6.9 mile Swamp Forest Trail hard-packed dirt and crushed stone surfaced trail, rings 200-acre Lums Pond. The trail hugs the lakeshore, passes through forested wetlands and crosses over many elevated boardwalks and bridges. It connects to key park features including the nature center, campgrounds and picnic areas.


Little Jersey Trail (8.1 miles) Easy

The Little Jersey Trail is a wide grassy fire road, that is excellent for beginners. For the most part, the hard-packed dirt trail follows the outer edge of the park and at points comes close to the pond. It is actually more scenic than the Swamp Forest Trail. The terrain is basically flat but there are a few short hills and some roots to give the new knobbies some experience. It winds through peaceful woods, open grassy areas and high bushes.

The best time to start riding here is mid July. In the early spring and summer or after a rain, the trails get boggy. Can you imagine slogging through 10 miles of mud and clay? You'll get sucked in, bike and all, not to mention the damage that would be done to the trails. Needless to say, stay off the trails till they dry out.



Historical Note:

Chesapeake & Delaware Canal

Before Lums Pond existed, St. Georges Creek flowed through the hardwood forest and was the site of several Native American hunting camps. The creek was dammed in the early 1800's when the Chesapeake & Delaware canal was built. Water from the pond was used to fill the locks of the canal and power a small mill. This area was first used as a state park in 1963.

Today the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal runs 14 miles long, 450 feet wide and 35 feet deep across Maryland and Delaware, connecting the Delaware River with the Chesapeake Bay and the Port of Baltimore.


Cooch’s Bridge

Glasgow, Delaware in northwestern New Castle County, is historically significant as the staging ground for Delaware's only Revolutionary War battle, known as the The Battle of Cooch's Bridge fought on September 3, 1777. Today, you can visit this 200 acre historical site which includes Cooch’s Bridge, the Cooch Home, grist mill, and surrounding property now owned by the State of Delaware.

Location: It is located just north of Lums Pond State Park. Rt. 4, east of Rt. 896 Newark, DE


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For more information:

Lums Pond State Park
068 Howell School Road
Bear, DE 19701

Phone: (302) 368-6989
TTY Users: 711 (AT&T National Relay Service)
Website: Lums Pond State Park


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