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Mountain bike trails ride and resources guide dedicated to mountain biking and cycling experiences in the United States. We feature Scenic, Bike Safari, Historic and Romantic cycling adventures for both experienced riders and beginners.

We are not just about plummeting descents or malicious technical singletrack. We've compiled a menu of deliciously scenic off-road mountain biking on trails that lead to beaches, waterfalls, historical and natural landmarks and more.

Some of our favorite bike rides travel through parks with great wildlife viewing opportunities, along America's backroads, historic rail trails and canal paths that take you back in time and through picturesque covered bridges and quaint villages.

We also feature fun, family friendly bike rides and trails that are epic as well as urban legends. Each has a story that includes the park services and organizations that work tirelesly to promote and maintain the trails we so often take for granted.

Select a state above to begin your search or choose your ideal mountain bike ride by activity from the features listed below.

Family Friendly Trails

Family Friendly Mountain Biking with Kids. Best beginner MTB trails.

Romantic Bike Trails

Cycle together. Share your love of bicycling. Romantic Getaways on Bike Trails.

Historic Rail Trails

Go for a bike ride on Historic Rail Trails that shaped the future of America

wildlife trails

Best trails and bicycle paths for a Bike Safari

covered bridge trails

Scenic biking on Covered Bridge Trails in New England and the northeast

bikes & beaches trails

Bikes & Beaches Trails. Cool off and get wet after or during your ride

Bike Waterfalls Trails

Get inspired by the power of nature. Bike Trails with Waterfalls

The Bike Rack


Cycling in soon.

Mountain Bike Tips

Mountain Bike Basics
Before hitting the trail get to know your bike, its operation, basic mountain bike maintenance and off-road skills.

Mountain Bike Tips

Bike Tips
From a simple fix that will keep your bike running smoothly to handling those pesky dogs, these tips may save your ride.

Rules of the Trail

Rules Of The Trail
Protect the environment, your relationship with other trail users and yourself with these important rules from IMBA.


(Santa Fe, New Mexico)

My recollection of the Nambe Badlands begins when a friend of mine told me about this area, "But don't tell anyone about it." This was a secret area. We rode it that day and I really loved the beauty of the area ...

August 2020 - Video being moved to a different platform.


(Vassalboro, Maine)

A fundraiser event. Indoor urban mountain bike course using over 100,000 square feet and two stories of the historic American Woolen Mill.





Outdoor recreation information, mountain bike trail descriptions and maps.

Find the best mountain biking trails and destinations in United States.

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Special Features

Public Options: Parks & Open Space

COVID-19 resulting in the cancellaton of sports events, the closing of parks and some of our favorite trails has made us realize how much these mean to us. Without Parks, National Monuments and Open Space, the trails and lands in-between . . .

Remain safe everyone. You want to maintain maximum lung capacity to power up the hills.


Bikes and Beaches Mountain Bike Trails

Here are our top picks for best summer mountain bike rides to the beach, along the seashores and cool mountain streams and around lakes. While water flow can be slower at this time of the year, cycling waterfall routes are experiences not to be missed.


Bikes & Covered Bridges Trails

When it comes to covered bridges, each state in the Northeast has its own claim to fame. They have been featured in movies such as "The Bridges of Madison County" and play a key role in many novels. While beautiful at any time of the year, they are especially photogenic set against a backdrop of brilliant New England fall color.


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Biden Environmental Center at Cape Henlopen State Park