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Little Bennett Regional Park Trails

Capital Region, Maryland


Directions & Trail Description
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Location: 30 miles north of Washington, D.C., 50 miles west of Baltimore and 15 miles south of historic Frederick, Maryland in Clarksburg, MD. Montgomery County.

Length/Configuration: 23 miles of trails. Mountain biking is permitted on multi-use trails north of Hyattstown Mill Rd., half are hiking only south of Hyattstown Mill Rd. Design your own loop or out-and-back ride.

Terrain/Surface: Hilly, rolling terrain. Natural surface trails..

Technical Difficulty: Easy to moderate.

Elevation change: No appreciable elevation gain. Numerous short hill climbs and descents.

Trail Use: Hike, mountain bike, equestrian

Caution: Multi-use designated trails.




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Exit 18 off I-270  and turn right onto to Rt.121 east (Clarksburg Rd.). A parking lot for trail users is located at the Maintenance Yard along Rt.355 just south of the Campground Entrance. Limited parking is also available closer to the multi-use trails along Clarksburg Road, Hyattstown Mill Road and Prescott Road.


General Description:

Located about 23 miles northwest of Washington D.C., Little Bennett Regional Park is Montgomery County's largest park. Covering almost 3,650 acres, the park is predominantly forested, contains the areas largest tulip poplar grove and lies among the tributaries of Little Bennett Creek.

As early as the 18th century, the Little Bennett Valley was the scene of farms and small scale industries capitalizing on the region's abundant resources of timber, water, vegetation and vast acreage for farming. Mills sprang up along the creek and several historical structures and vestiges of the past can still be seen throughout the park and along the trails.

The Park also offers 91 campsites that are handicapped accessible and an 18-hole golf course. The Hawk's Reach Activity Center offers activities, nature films and other routinely scheduled events.


The Trails:

The Little Bennett Regional Park trails are one of the most popular features of the park. Over 10 miles of scenic, natural surface multi-use single and double-track trails north of Hyattstown Mill Road are available for mountain bikers to explore. The trails south of Hyattstown Mill Road are hiking only. The mountain bike trails travel through secluded woodlands and upland meadows which see few users. The trails pass through wooded hills and valleys, along open fields with flat to rolling terrain and along gravel roads through the park. Trail intersections are well marked.


Historical Note:

Several mills were established at various times along the Little Bennett Creek. Only the Hyattstown Mill remains as testimony to those early enterprises. The steep and rocky slopes did not encourage farming; but the farmers persevered nonetheless. Several sites and structures remain to be seen today. A few structures still standing are:

The Montgomery Chapel Cemetery
The Montgomery Chapel Cemetery is the burial ground for the former parishioners of a small black Methodist Episcopal church that closed in 1964 and demolished. The One room chapel, dating back to 1871 as indicated by a sign above the front entrance, formerly stood to the west of the cemetery and served as a house of workship, community center and a school.

The Zeigler Log House
The log house, home to generations of the Zeigler family, several of whom were involved he milling trade, was built in the mid to late 19th century. Now covered with shingles, the house contains most of its original features.

Hyattstown Mill
Saw and grist milling activities from the 1790's to the 1930's. In 1996 the exterior of the mill was restored to it's circa 1910 appearance.

Hyattstown Miller's House
The miller's house adjacent to Hyattstown Mill predates the mill. Throughout its history, until the 1930's the house served as a residence for the mill owner or the miller. (Not open to public)


For more information:

Little Bennett Regional Park
23701 Frederick Road
Clarksburg, Maryland 20871

Park Manager: (301) 972-6581
TDD Region 2: (301) 299-1976 Park Permit Office TDD: (301) 495-2575
Website: Black Hill Regional Park



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