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Huber Woods Park Trails

Shore Region, New Jersey

Directions & description

Location: Middletown, NJ. Monmouth County

Length/Configuration: 6+ miles of trails can be combined to form loops. Access additional miles of riding at Hartshorne Woods Park.

Terrain/Surface: Dirt surfaces with a few log jumps and rocks on single-track (Many Log Run Trail)

Technical Difficulty: All levels. Many Log Run Trail is challenging and twisty single-track with obstructions.

Elevation Change: Negligible, with gentle hills.

Caution: Shared use trails. Mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding. Stay on legal trails.

Huber Woods Trail Map

Note: The trail maps on this website have been simplified to provide an overview with approximate locations of trails and special features. Read Full Disclaimer.


Garden State Parkway to Exit 109. Southbound, turn left onto Rt. 520. Take jughandle for Half Mile Rd; northbound, go straight at exit. Follow Half Mile Rd. to end. Turn right at traffic light onto East Front St. Follow East Front St. to Hubbard Ave. Turn left onto Hubbard Ave. and follow (.6 mile) to Navesink River Rd. Turn right onto Navesink River Rd. and continue 3.2 miles. Turn left onto Brown's Dock Rd. Park entrance is at top of hill.

State Hwy. 35 to Navesink River Rd. (north of Cooper Avenue Bridge, Red Bank.) Northbound, turn right. Southbound, use jughandle to make left turn. Travel east on Navesink River Rd. (2.8 miles) to Brown's Dock Rd. Turn left onto Brown's Dock Rd. The park entrance is at the top of the hill.


Huber Woods Park Overview

The attractive Huber Woods Park features 258 acres of forest, sun-dappled meadows and seven miles of multi-use trails. Small and cozy, it is a romantic place to go mountain biking with your significant other if you are both moderate level riders. You will both enjoy the fabulous panoramic views of the Navesink River. After your ride, spread out a blanket in the sun-dappled meadow, relax and enjoy a picnic in a quintessential, romantic setting.

An Environmental Center with hands-on nature displays, bird-viewing area, reptile house, a discovery and nature path are fun diversions after your ride.

After exploring the trails, head for nearby Sandy Hook. It is a 2,044 acre barrier beach peninsula at the northern tip of the New Jersey shore. It is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. See our Bikes & Beaches feature article for more details.


Trail Description

The 6-miles of bike-friendly trails are designed to meet a variety of recreational needs. From the trails, you can explore a grove of tulip trees, an oak-hickory forest or a meadow. The woods are home to a variety of wildlife including foxes, chipmunks, woodpeckers and a pair of great horned owls.

The park is a more laid back version of Hartshorne Woods. The terrain is mostly hilly but lacks the technical, steep climbs prevalent in Hartshorne.

The trails are well-marked and maintained single-track and dirt trails. There's something for everyone. The Many Log Run Trail is a favorite with more experienced riders who relish twisty tight singletrack and elevation changes.

You can access more trails at Hartshorne Woods Park via a long, gradual downhill on Claypit Run.


Easy Trails:

Nature Loop and Discovery Loop - (No bikes).

Fox Hollow - 0.9 mile trail


Moderate Trails:

Valley View - 1.6 miles which circles the eastern portion of the park.

Clay Pit Run - extends out to Locust Point Road (access to Hartshorne Woods)

Meadow Ramble - 0.7 mile trail which explores the western side of Huber Woods.


Challenging Trails:

Many Log Run - 1.2 miles technical single-track with a variety of elevation changes and tight twisty single-track with obstructions. Requires good cornering skills.


Historical Note:

The land was once a farm which stretched down to the Navesink River. Joseph Huber, a manufacturer of pigments used to produce ink, bought the farm in 1915. Around 1927 the Hubers built (what is now The Environmental Center) a German-Swiss style manor house which overlooked the Naversink River.



For more information:

Huber Woods Park:
805 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft - New Jersey 07738

Phone: (732) 842.4000
(TDD): (732) 219-9484 (The Monmouth County Park System) or 711 (AT&T National Relay)
Website: Monmouth County Park System


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