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Allegrippis Trails Mountain Biking At Raystown Lake

Southern Allegheny Region

Family Friendly

Directions & description
Allegrippis Trail Map (PDF)

Location: Raystown Lake, PA. Huntingdon County

Length/Configuration: The Allegrippis Trails are a 32 mile singletrack mountain bike trail system comprised of 22 trails in a series of stacked loops to provide endless opportunities for rides of various lengths, skill levesl and riding styles.

Terrain/Surface: Mostly smooth, flowing singletrack. The more challenging trails introduce rollers, banked turns, challenging climbs and long, winding downhills.

Technical Difficulty: Trails for all skill levels.

Elevation Change: Around 100 ft. for easiest loop, 150+ ft. for intermediate loops and up to 450 ft. for advanced loops.

Trail Use: Mountain biking, hiking, running, cross country skiing, snowshoeing.




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By Car: From I-76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike): Take Route 26 north from I-76, past Marklesburg to Seven Points Rd (State Route 3011). Turn right (east) and follow Seven Points Rd to the Allegrippis Trailhead or turn left onto Baker’s Hollow Rd and continue to Susquehannock parking area on right just before Susquehannock Rd.

Public Transportation: The AmTrak Pennsylvanian line passes through Huntingdon, PA on its Pittsburg / New York City run.


General Description:

Camp at the center of Raystown Lake, the largest lake in PA, roll out of your sleeping bag and ride all weekend long on 32 miles of smooth, flowy singletrack mountain bike trails designed by mountain bikers primarily for mountain biking. The Allegrippis Trails are a color coded, well-maintained multi-use trail system geared for riders of all skill levels from Family–friendly “Green” and Intermediate “Blue” to  Most Difficult "Black". Even the trails rated “most difficult” are not “technical” in the sense we are used to thinking about it, making this the perfect place for beginners and intermediate riders to pedal up a notch and improve their bike handling skills while having a dirtload of fun.

It gets even better, at least from our perspective. With acres of largely undeveloped public land, whether you are mountain biking, hiking or cross country skiing you are guaranteed a remote experience along with beautiful views of Raystown Lake and the Allegheny mountains.

The Raystown Lake dam project, created in 1973 to control flooding, backs up the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River for 30 miles creating an outdoor adventure destination with 118 miles of beautiful wooded shoreline, trails, beaches, campgrounds, picnic areas and other facilities. At the northern end of the lake, the Northern Lake Area encompasses both the Raytown Lake Recreation Area and the Seven Points Recreation Area.

The Seven Points Recreation Area in Hesston, PA (Huntingdon County) is the central recreation hub of the Northern Lakes Area.  The Trailheads for the Old Loggers Trail, the Hillside Nature Trail, and the new Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake and the Raystown Lake Visitors Center are located  here. The Vistor's Center is a good place to start your visit and learn about the trails, purchase annual passes, detailed Allegrippis Trail maps and boat launch permits. It also features interactive exhibits that are both fun and educational for the whole family.


The Allegrippis Trails

Trail highlights: Lake and mountain views, world class singletrack trails designated primarily for mountain biking.

Named after the ridge on the West side of Lake Raystown, the Allegrippis Trails are  available for public use year-round.  The 22 trails in the Allegrippis system were designed by mountain bikers and built by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, (IMBA) in cooperation with the Friends of Raystown Lake and the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE). The project which began began in 2002 and  realized in 2009, is a color coded singletrack trail system arranged as a series of stacked loops where interconnectivity and terrain design was carefully thought out. This system  allows riders to design seemingly infinite ride options to suit every style, skill level and time frame.

Rated as "easy", "moderate" and "challenging”, the trails are fast, flowy and  decidedly rolling. Roller coasters interspersed with level stretches to help control speed, banked turns, climbs and long sweeping downhills are all part of the fun. The trails travel through woods, along high ridges and to the shores of Raystown Lake.


Easy Trails: (Blazed Green)
The family-friendly trails  in the Allegrippis Trail network include the Doe, Fawn, Buck and Dark Hollow Trails and feature gentle grades.

Suggested Beginner Ride: 3.8 miles

Susquehannock Trailhead: The Deer Loop starts off on the flat Buck trail and continues onto the Fawn and Doe beginner level trails (green blazed), and back on the Buck Trail to the parking area. It's an easy 3.8 mile, easy wooded loop ride that features gentle grades with a few roots and rocks. It's also a great warm-up ride as a prelude to the more advanced trails.


Moderate Trails: (Blazed Blue)
Intermediate rides can be found on the Barrel, Bay, Shade, Stony, Allie, Red Legs, Grippis, Berry Patch, Loco-Motive, Ridge, Osprey, Eagle, Sleek Dog, Switch, and Dirt Surfer Trails.  These trails feature bigger Whoop de Doos, rockier terrain, faster and longer downhills. From these trails it’s easy to connect to the more challenging Black Diamond trails.

Suggested Moderate Ride: 9.3 miles

Susquehannock Trailhead: The Lasso Loop starts off on the the easy Buck Trail and continues onto the Allie Trail. The junction with the Red Legs Trail and Grippis Trail is the beginning of the Lasso Loop. Turn right onto the Red Legs Trail, left onto the rockier Loco-Motive and continue pedaling northeast towards the tip of the loop and scenic views of Raystown Lake. There's a bench at the point. Close the Lasso Loop with a right turn at the point for a fast scenic roller coaster ride down Ridge, Grippis, and Allie back to the start.


Challenging Trails: (Blazed Black)
The Allegheny, Ray's Revenge, Sidewinder and Hydro Loop feature longer distances, challenging climbs, banked turns and speedy descents that wind from high ridges and swoop down to the shores of Raystown Lake.


Suggested Advanced Ride: 12.5 miles

Susquehannock Trailhead: This ride travels high above the lake through hardwood forests and pines. This trail is popular for it’s super fast descents, twisty rolling terrain, berms and jumps. It’s recommended to do this trail from south to north so you end up with a rest and views overlooking the lake. From the trailhead start off like the Lasso Loop (see Suggested Moderate Ride above) with the Buck Trail, Allie Trail, Red Legs and Loco-Motive Trails. Head onto the 4.7 mile Rays Revenge Trail. It’s all about speed, dips and some great jumps. Slow down to make it easier or speed it up for more thrills. That can be said for all the trails in the Allegrippis Trail network. At the point, enjoy the views and then roller coaster back to the start on the Ridge, Grippis, and Allie.



Facilities include:

Seven Points Family Campgrounds
Rated one of the top 100 family campgrounds by The Recreation Agency it features 261 campsites divided over six camp loops, playgrounds, restrooms, showers, picnic tables and grills. Hiking and biking trails, swimming beach, marina, boat, kayak and canoe rentals are within 10 to 15 minutes walking distance.

Susquehannock Campground
The Susquehannock  campground juts out into the middle of the north-central area of the lake.  Classified as a primitive campground, it’s a great place to get away from it all with easy access to the ttrails and a short driving distance of civilization.

Raystown Lake Amphitheater: Boasts state-of-the art sound and theatrical lighting systems, as well as both bench seating and that ever-popular "lawn section". Summer Programs are generally offered Fridays and Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day and conist of environmental programs, nature walks, star parties, campfire talks concerts and plays.

Seven Points Beach and Marina:  This is a popular area throughout the summer. It features a sandy beach, grassy areas, a snack bar, water trampolines, and great scenery.


Note: Camping not your thing? Privately owned resorts and other accomodations with all the amenities are located throughout the area.


For more information:

The Friends of Raystown Lake
PO Box 87
Hesston, PA 16647

Phone: 814-658-3405, ext. 2511
Website: Friends Of Raystown Lake

US Army Engineer District, Baltimore
P.O. Box 1715
Baltimore, MD 21203

Phone: (Public Affairs Office) 410-962-2809
TTY: 711 (AT&T Relay Services)
Website: US Army Corps Engineers


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