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Marienville ATV/Bike Trail

Allegheny National Forest
Allegheny Region

Directions & Trail Description
Forest Trail Regulations & Information

Location: Allegheny National Forest, 35 miles north of Clarion, Forest County

Length/Configuration: 37 miles of interconnecting trails forming two loops. East loop on map (solid line) is 14.2 miles. West loop on map (dotted line) is 23.1 miles.

Terrain/Surface: West loop: muddy, rocky twisty. East loop: Old roads and railroad grades, generally gravelled and smooth. Muddy and rutted in spots.

Technical Difficulty: West loop rated difficult for advanced riders. East loop is rated moderate, but includes several stretches of technical spots.

Elevation Change:Several climbs and descents of up to about 350 feet. Total gain is over 1,000 feet.

Caution: These trails are shared with motorized off-road vehicles.Trails may be temporarily closde due to wet weather conditions (mud). Call ahead. One-way travel only, except where otherwise posted.




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Marienville ATV & Bike Trails

Note: The free trail maps on this website have been simplified to provide an overview with approximate locations of trails and special features. Read Full Disclaimer.

Main trailhead parking is located along State Route 66, about fifteen miles southwest of Kane and 11 miles northeast of Marienville (maintained for winter use). Secondary trailheads are noted on the map. You can also access the trail anywhere it crosses a public road. This trail is loated on the Lynch and Russell City quadrangle maps.


General Description:

See Allegeheny National Forest for trail regulations and other important information.

The Marienville ATV/Bike Trail is a system of 37 miles of interconnecting trails traversing scenic, forested hills of the Marienville District of the Allegheny National Forest. You can access the trail anywhere it crosses a public road. The trail is open to Class I ATV's, trailbikes, horses and mountain bikes.

The best time for mountain biking is OFF-SEASON. The off-season (when the ATV Trails are closed to motorized use) is April 1 to the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, and September 24 to December 20 of each year. Of course, you can ride mountain bikes when the ATV Trails are open, but expect to frequently encounter ATVs on the trails.

The trail is open from the Friday before Memorial Day to the last Sunday in September; and December 20 to April 1 ("ATV Trail Area" only). Inclement wet weather may cause the trails to close in short notice--when in doubt, please call ahead.


The Trails:
The Marienville ATV/Bike Trail is a system of 37 miles of interconnecting trails traversing scenic, forested hills of the Marienville District of the Allegheny National Forest. The trail has been divided into a Bike Trail Area and an ATV Trail Area, as shown on the map. This provides a variety of riding experiences for different types of machines. ATV's are permitted on the Bike Trail, and trailbikes are allowed on ATV Trails.

All trails are marked with yellow, diamond-shaped blazes. Maps of the trail can be picked up at the Marienville Ranger Station directly north of town. Key junctions on the trail are marked by numbered wooden signposts corresponding to the junction marker numbers shown on the map. "YOU ARE HERE" maps are also located at these key junctions to aid riders in navigating the trail.

The rating system is really designed for motorized off-road vehicles.

Bike Trail Area:

This 23.1 mile loop is rated MOST DIFFICULT and requires a high level of skill. It offers a very ROCKY trail surface that winds and twists through the forest. Skilled bikers will enjoy the narrow, winding, serpentine design. Its treadway is narrower and it contains more hill climbs, switchbacks, and mudholes. Trails are designated one-way travel only except where otherwise posted. This trail is open only during the summer.


ATV Trail Area:

This 14.2 mile loop system is rated MORE DIFFICULT and is best suited to ATV's because of its more scenic quality and wider travelways. This portion of the trail uses many old roads and railroad grades that travel for the most part through scenic woods. Riding surfaces are more level, hard-packed dirt when dry and wide (averaging 10 feet in width). There are many rustic wooden bridges along the trail over sparkling cold mountain streams which make a good place to stop. Be prepared for some steep climbs and descents and some rutted and rocky patches. The trail is ONE-WAY except where otherwise posted. This trail area is open during both summer and winter.



For more information:

Allegheny National Forest :
P.O. Box 36
Warren, PA 16365

Phone: (814) 723-5150
TTY: (814) 726-2710


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